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Re: Kayak in Cuba!

Delete this post Submitted by dgg on 06/Feb/2018 in reply to Re: Re: Kayak in Cuba! posted by Michal on 06/Feb/2018


Even with travel restrictions it's always been easy to travel from here (MX) to Cuba cause the Cuban officials didn't stamp your passport. Consequently, a lot of US citizens made the journey. The ultra-lefties describe it as a wonderful place with great people but how many collective farms can you stand to visit. Other travelers describe it as a lousy place with great people. Many of the Bautista era hotels and casinos are being rebuilt by non-US foreign corporations. Of course if you stay in those places, it's like staying in a luxury hotel anywhere in the world. A neighbor went on a photography trip a couple of years ago; among other issues were the fact that there extreme shortages of bottled water. This is a real problem in a tropical country where you can't drink the tap water.

Personally, I wouldn't go there till both the Castro brothers are dead. The Bautista regime was brutal, corrupt and venal; unfortunately, the Communists hasn't been any better. They have elections but don't allow opposition parties, there are still strict controls on the press and the system of spies and informants in each neighborhood is still in effect.

It is truly tragic is that what should be a tropical paradise can not feed itself because of the collective farms imposed by the regime. Some people are quick to blame the shortages on US policy but the reality is that Cuba could trade with Europe, Asia and Latin America for most everything it needs if it actually produced anything that would generate revenue. Cuba has been an economic basket case since the revolution: first the USSR funded; in recent years it has received large subsidies from Venezuela but given the state of that economy those can't continue much longer.

Instead, come to MX to boat. There's great ww in the mountains of Vera Cruz, San Luis Potosi, & Chiapas. Tom McEwan runs trips in those areas every winter. And there's great sea kayaking on both coasts--I know an outfitter that works out of Ciudad Vera Cruz. The food is great, the people are friendly, the tequila is inexpensive and there aren't any shortages.

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